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Inspirations23: Maximize Your Net Metal Production

Discover the art of using AI to balance throughput and recovery while protecting your ESG targets.

We demonstrate LIVE how we are helping our customers use Scientific AI to maximize their net metal production with:


  • Real-time Process Optimization Applications covering the value chain
  • An innovative Scientific AI approach that tracks Material from Pit to Port without any hardware requirements
  • Managed Service Solutions that deliver continuous value from Scientific AI-based “source of truth’’ systems

Application Specific Webinars & Demos

Real-time Optimization: Artificially Intelligent Mining Value Chain

Hear from Mark de Geus,’s VP of Product, and discover the potential of an artificially intelligent mining value chain through real-time optimization.

In this engaging session, Mark demonstrates how we are actively transforming the mining industry through the practical application of Scientific AI:


  • Real-time Optimization in Theory and Practice
  • Data Integration, Interoperability, and Quality
  • Change Management and Product Adoption Product Overview Webinar

Hear from Mark de Geus,’s VP of Product, and learn how to deploy Scientific AI to balance throughput and recovery while protecting your ESG targets.

In this session, Mark demonstrates LIVE how we are helping our customers use Scientific AI to maximize their net metal production:


  • Simulate optimal Grinding throughput based on material characteristics
  • Maximize subsequent metal recovery in the Flotation circuit
  • Reconcile water, energy & carbon consumption back into planning through high-resolution Stockpile modeling

Discover How Material Tracking Decreases Variability by 10%

Susan Kennedy, Global Field Engineering Lead presents on ‘Stabilising Mine Production’ using the Stockpile & Inventory Optimization application combined with our Material Tracking capability in the platform.

Stockpile & Inventory Optimization App

Grinding Optimization App

Flotation Optimization App

Thickener Optimization App

Leaching Optimization App

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Customer Spotlight Featuring Altynalmas

Learn How Altynalmas Achieved a 1% Throughput Increase in their Grinding Circuit

Listen to Altynalmas as they discuss their deployment of’s Scientific AI to optimise their Grinding Circuit.

Discover how they rapidly achieved a 1% throughout increase in the first year of deployment, resulting in over $1.3M in value realization.

Partner Webinar Featuring BASF

Discover how BASF Intelligent Mine can Improve your Thickener Performance

BASF and hosted a webinar introducing the BASF Intelligent Mine, focusing on the thickener circuit. BASF Intelligent Mine powered by is an open, real-time, decision-making platform that can be configured for individual sites, typically within three months.
Each mining process, such as grinding, thickening, flotation, and pumping, is supported by an Optimization as a Service (OaaS) application which predicts and simulates future performance, generating process-specific recommendations for insights and optimization. As multiple optimization applications link together, customers can generate efficiency gains throughout the mine-to-market value chain.

BASF and host a webinar introducing the BASF Intelligent Mine.

Thickener Optimization Application Demonstration by Niel Knoblauch, Product Manager, 

Highlights from our User Community Event: Inspirations

Watch sessions from our user community event, Inspirations, including a panel discussion with BHP, BASF, and Mitsubishi, a view from AngloAmerican on the future of Stockpile Management, and hear. from our featured customer, Altynalmas, Kazakhstan’s leading Gold miner on the benefits realized from optimizing their Grinding circuit.

Stockpile & Inventory Optimization: The Future of Stockpile Modelling and Management

Anglo American’s Head of Mining Geosciences and Reconciliation gives us his take on’s Stockpile & Inventory Optimization application.

Keynote with special guests from BHP, BASF and Mitsubishi

Hear key figures from the Mining industry speak on the need for change with an operator perspective from BHP, solution view from BASF, technology insight from and an investor perspective from Mitsubishi.

Building the Intelligent Mine at Altynalmas – 2 years in: Challenges, Success and Lessons learnt

Altynalmas’s Vice President of IT and Corporate Development provides an update on the work with including the benefits realized from’s Grinding Optimization application.