Our Team

The Board

Sam G. Bose

Founder and CEO

Dr. Steve Garnett


Mark L Mathias

Non-Executive Director

Dr. John Baits

Board Technical Advisor

Lord Wasserman

Board Advisor

The Team

Dr. Sandro B


Cristian G

Chile Country Manager

Andrei T

Kazakhstan Country Manager

Dr. Grant K

Field Operations Director

Mark DG

Product Director

Chris H

Engineering Lead

Dr. Hugh M

Data Science Lead

Dastanbek Y

Field Engineering Team Lead

Ryan B

Marketing Lead

Dana M

Marketing Manager

Niel K

Application Specialist

Dr. Mario G

Data Scientist

Dr. Denis R

Data Scientist

Dr. Boris W

Data Scientist

Dr. Cecilia L

Data Scientist

Dr. Éamonn M

Data Scientist

Simon S

Data Scientist

Sonali D

Product Design Engineer

Menna W

Product Support Engineer

Irina I

Software Engineer

Sean K

Software Engineer

Diego R

Software Engineer

Guillem S

Software Engineer

Ash K

Software Engineer

Ailynne V

Technical Solutions Engineer

James B

Financial Controller

Elizabeth F

Office Coordinator and Administrator