Manage the Change and Minimize Risk

Central to’s solution implementation is the capacity to manage the change associated with the artificial intelligence solutions while meeting the scope of deployment, whilst minimizing risk to our clients.

To this end, employs our specialist implementation and change management methodology, summarized below.

Month 1 Outcomes

  • Data quality characterized with actions
  • “As Is” process characterized
  • Specification & value delivery

Month 2-3 Outcomes

  • Data is live
  • Results in
  • “To Be” process specified

Month 3-4 Outcomes

  • Data quality actions taken
  • Results calibrated & app in test use
  • Users trained on “To Be” process

Month 4 Outcome

System Acceptance Testing (SAT)

The implementation process is broken down into 4 Phases, across three value delivery categories – Data, Modelling, and Change Management.

  1. Discovery: Characterising live and historical data, model specification, and process/user workflow mapping
  2. Execution: Integrating platform with live data sources and refining the target business cases
  3. Calibration: Configuration and calibration of all virtual sensors and models
  4. Go Live: System commissioning, training, and change management is undertaken to assist the operators to gain trust in the application predictions

The Application Portfolio