Services’s Field Operations Services

When you’re making a significant technology investment, it’s important that you’re confident you have the right team in place to support it. That’s where’s Field Operations Services come in.

Our team are all experts in the Mining & Metals industry and can help with every aspect of your solution from project management, architecture & design, application configuration to data integration and migration.


We will ensure you have a trusted, successful solution delivered on time and within budget.

Central to’s solution implementation is the capacity to manage the change associated with the artificial intelligence solutions while meeting the scope of deployment and minimizing risk to the client.

Our Commitment – Partners for Life. The “Optimization as a Service” subscription is unique in how we provide ongoing support after our solution implementation is complete.

The most important phase in any digital transformation project is embedding the change. As a core part of our implementation process, we run detailed on-site application training with all key users, ensuring total coverage of all shifts and rotations.

The Application Portfolio