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$1.3m Annual Benefits (1% Throughput Increase) Realized for Gold Miner Altynalmas

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Grinding Optimization Spotlight

Grinding Optimization Spotlight

Discover how you can maintain your Ball Charge at its optimal setpoint with our Hematite '21 release. Hematite is the very latest release of our suite of decision intelligence applications built specifically for the mining industry.  The applications all use...

Kevin O’Kane Joins the Board

Kevin O’Kane Joins the Board

We are delighted to announce that Kevin O’Kane has joined the board, bringing a wealth of industry experience with him from his time in leadership positions at BHP Americas and lately as COO at SSR Mining.

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Learn more about our applications with the following datasheets available for download. take part in a number of in-person and virtual events within the Mining industry and Technology sector. Watch some of our recorded webinars.

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