Material Handling

Track and Predict Geometallurgical and Physical Properties in Real-time

The Material Handling Model allows you to accurately track and predict both the geometallurgical and physical properties of the material (Material Transport) and their effect on the process in real-time (Material Influence).


  • Material and its properties are extremely difficult to track across the full mining value chain, resulting in high uncertainty about plant feed and the root cause of observed grade deviations
  • Lack of understanding of the influence of the material going through the various steps of the mining value chain prevents downstream processes from optimising throughput and recovery


  • The Material Transport Model provides granular material tracking from pit (e.g. dig zones) to the final concentrate, including through mine stockpiles, crushed ore stockpiles and plant processes
  • The evolution of material characteristics is included in this tracking, e.g. evolution of particle size distribution through a crusher
  • The Material Influence Model enables prediction and simulation of the influence of material properties on the performance of a process and of downstream effects and enables recommendation of the optimal set points for operators


  • Adaptability enabled by the knowledge of material properties that will enter a processing stage in advance and predicted influence on circuit performance
  • Optimized strategic decision making at each stage of the value chain (e.g. mill set points)
  • Increased explainability and root cause analysis of deviations to plan, improved reconciliation


Increase in the number of new and available data points

”Now we are doing a better reconciliation process because we know exactly the material movement across the mine”

Los Bronces – Mining Major in Chile (Copper)

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