Deployment Options

Shaped by Our Customers Requirements of Data Tenancy

The deployment strategy has been shaped by our customers requirements of data tenancy. Mining companies’ focus on in-house data tenancy and local data security provisions can often lead to restrictions for modern application deployment.

AI applications require a large amount of historical data and need a high performance computing environment to be able to undertake real time analytics. Though cloud environments are provisioned which are inherently far more secure that any on-premise data center, sending data to the cloud over unstable and bandwidth constrained internet infrastructure can lead to restrictions of AI application deployment in the Mining Industry.

To cater for this, the applications can be carried out in two ways: 

Hybrid (On Premise and Cloud) Deployment

The infrastructure agnostic nature and containerised deployment solution allows us to deploy a local version of our platform within the customer’s local network.

This local version of our platform executes low latency actions and has been deployed at our client’s Operations networks. The software operates on our customer’s virtual machine with a selection of data and complements the cloud solution where medium to long term predictions and simulations are performed.

Multi Cloud (Public or Private Cloud) Deployment

Our cloud agnostic and containerized architecture allows us to deploy our applications both within our own cloud situated on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform or within a customer’s chosen private cloud (for example on Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google).

Cloud computing provides a high performance computing environment to run AI algorithms on large data sets performing advanced analytics like predictions and simulations over a long term horizon.

The diagram below summarizes the 3 core functions of the platform and the applications, with the associated deployment environments that is designed to maximise value from the software and models. This unique hybrid architecture allows products to be:

  • Cloud Agnostic we can deploy on any private or public cloud environment. Some of our clients have deployed at AWS/Azure/Google Private cloud while also deployed at carbon neutral data centers
  • Support all types of data tenancy policies: from data not leaving the country to live operational data not leaving the site.
    plant; including hardness and grade
  • Enjoy the best of both worlds: leveraging the power of the cloud for high end data processing while using edge computing to deploy low latency functions through a low footprint client App Deployment Options

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