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Optimize Mine Planning and Mineral Processing

IntelliSense.io’s Digital Stockpile Optimization application provides near realtime, 3D ore control models of stockpiles to optimize mine planning and mineral processing.

The Problems Faced when Managing Stockpiles

  •  The ‘weighted average’ approach to stockpile modelling results in a fundamental lack of knowledge of the stockpile contents and crucially its properties
  • This lack of knowledge causes a high degree of variance in the feed to the mineral processing plant; including hardness and grade
  • The impact of this variance is the processing plant operates at sub-optimal throughput and recovery

Knowing the material characteristics and quality of your Stockpile will increase your operational efficiency and maximize your product grade by allowing you to make informed blending decisions about the feed sent to the processing plant

The IntelliSense.io Digital Stockpile application has been developed and refined over a number of years at multiple customer sites, creating an ‘out-of-the-box’ product that can be rapidly deployed to deliver value within weeks.

The IntelliSense.io Solution

The IntelliSense.io Digital Stockpile Optimization Application:

  1. Uses 3D modelling to keep track of where and when materials are deposited and reclaimed in near real-time
  2. Tracks the material flows and associated properties (e.g. source, volume, key minerals & elements, hardness, lithology) from the mine to the stockpile and into the plant
    plant; including hardness and grade
  3. Integrates data from multiple sources such as Fleet Management Systems and Drone Scans to increase stockpile accuracy 
  4. Provides real-time information  including predictions of when material will arrive at a particular point and alerts such as ‘time in situ’.

Fig 1: A Solution Panel in the Digital Stockpile Application showing an overview of the process in real-time

Fig 2: A Solution Panel in the Digital Stockpile Application showing Material Dumped

Fig 3: A Solution Panel in the Digital Stockpile Application showing Material Reclaimed

The Value Gained from Optimization

The IntelliSense.io Digital Stockpile Optimization Application will:

  • Optimize throughput and recovery with improved blending decisions
  • Eliminate reclaim errors by knowing exactly where your material is, where it came from and where it’s going
  • Avoid value destruction caused by dumping errors
  • Decrease waste and risk caused by material remaining in-situ for longer than is safe

The IntelliSense.io Digital Stockpile Optimization application is helping deliver over $100M per year in value creation at a South African Platinum Mine

>100m USD

in increased metal production

”The system has exceeded expectations & has moved from proof of concept through pilot to now being implemented at all Anglo operations.”

Craig Morley

Head of Mining, Anglo American

Mine to Market: Value Chain Optimization

Powered and connected together by the brains.app platform, the Digital Stockpile Optimization Application is one of a suite of real-time decision-making applications that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to optimize each process; from mine-to-market. 

Our Material flow model connects these applications together to drive even greater efficiency gains.

The IntelliSense.io Application Portfolio