Custom Applications

Addressing the Challenges of Today’s Mining Industry is able to work with customers to develop custom applications depending on customer requirements and target processes that are either specific to the customer or generic processes for the Industry that are part of our roadmap.

Our Custom Applications can be developed for process optimization within any of the stages in the Mine to Market process.

The Problems Faced by the Mining Industry

The world needs more metals BUT mining them is getting harder and more costly. The Mining Industry faces 3 distinct challenges:

  • Declining Ore Quality Miners are required to exploit lower grade deposits
  • Greater Cost to Process With a Larger Environmental Impact
  • Lower Net Present Value (NPV) for Mining Operations Creating a Need for Continuous Improvement in EVERY Mining Process

”Significant progress in the stabilization of operation of “For the last 10 years, Copper has seen a 25% reduction in grade, 30% increase in production resulting in 46% increase in energy costs.”


Global Metallic Mining

The Solution’s platform, enables custom applications with a number of benefits having been developed with a high calibre team of Software Engineers, Data Scientists and Domain Experts from the Mining Industry. Those looking to integrate/request custom applications for development will benefit from our:

  1. Dual modelling approach (Machine learning and First principle models) reduce risk and deliver outcomes to close decision loops.
  2. Additional out of the box applications  enable faster deployment, early benefit realization and builds confidence on the digitalization program in operations.
  3. Open AI Deployment Platform enables independent software vendors, customers, OEM’s and other 3rd parties to port and run their existing models on the platform, making it agnostic from models and underlying cloud infrastructure.

Fig 1: A Solution Panel in the Flotation Application; providing Metallurgists with real-time such as a Roughers Recovery Alert

Fig 2: A real-time operator dashboard providing insights and recommendations on the most optimal actions based on configurable targets. Platform APIs and SDKs

The platform offers the below APIs and SDKs for Custom Application development to run on the platform:

  • An Open Source Library used for numerical computation & large-scale machine learning. Create dataflow graphs and run on any target (cloud or local).
  • A Python-based SDK Containing Data Science Framework, lifecycle hooks, data analysis, automation of training and testing of machine learning models.
  • Package code and deploy on any environment with Docker. Build for the web with the REST industry standard gaining performance and scalability while maintaining the ability to be easily modified.

Mine to Market: Value Chain Optimization

Powered and connected together by the platform, the each Application is one of a suite of real-time decision-making applications that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to optimize each process; from mine-to-market. 

Our Material flow model connects these applications together to drive even greater efficiency gains.

The Application Portfolio