Putting Security First, Always has a modern, cloud-based architecture that has been built with security top-of-mind, the mindset that permeates into our everyday operations.

To demonstrate our commitment to operational security, we have teamed up with the National Cyber Security Centre in the UK to participate in their Cyber Essentials Certification program.

National Cyber Security Centre

The 5 Technical Controls of Cyber Essentials

Working with the IASME Consortium, we are proud to have passed the annual certification process and are ‘Cyber Essentials Certified’. This ensures that the defenses we have put in place protect us and our customers against the vast majority of the most common cyber attacks.

The Cyber Essentials Certification focuses on five technical operating controls that together deliver peace of mind that we have successfully minimized our chances of any security breach.


  1. Using a suitable firewall to secure our Internet connection
  2. Selecting the most secure settings for devices and software
  3. Carefully controlling who has access to our data and services
  4. Protecting ourselves from viruses and other malware
  5. Keeping devices and software patched and up-to-date Data & Application Security is committed to the protection and privacy of our customers’ information – this includes all data collected from customers’ systems or users’ personal information.

We apply secure protocols for data pipelines and data storage to access our customer’s data from their source system. Those may include OPC-UA, MQTT, VPN, and SFTP. Furthermore, our applications are accessed through HTTPS, providing the best-in-class security and ensuring confidentiality when accessing our customers’ data.

To ensure the integrity of our customer’s data, each of our customers has its own cluster environment to ensure data protection and data residency within the cluster. Administrator access to the individual virtual machine nodes is restricted to our operations team only. Every access requires client-side certificates and secure protocols, such as SSH. User access is further restricted by requiring passwords to access administration functions.

We deploy our systems on multiple cloud service providers to assure the availability of our platform and to adapt to customers’ IT/cybersecurity requirements.

For more details simply request a copy of our full data security and privacy policy. ‘’ Platform Securely Collects and Processes Data

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