Real-time Operational Data Reconciled into a Dynamic Single Source of Truth’s Reconciliation capability delivers real-time operational performance data reconciled into a dynamic single source of truth, decreasing uncertainty and providing granular reporting and re-optimization.

Made for Your Mining Challenges

Unknown and Variable Streams of Data Prevent Accurate Metal Accounting

Reconciliation of data from the mine to concentrate is time-consuming and based on disparate sources of data of variable quality.

Creating a limited ability to improve processes and optimize the real value of material transiting through the value chain.

How it Helps

An Integrated and Consolidated Data Source for Metal Accounting

Data reconciliation provides a single source of truth through a simple user interface that can be used for root-cause analysis and training.

The output provides granular knowledge of the material and metal accounting and associated uncertainty across the full value chain.

The robust approach with usability and configurability built-in means it can be run by anyone avoiding expensive and time consuming onsite visits.

What you Get

Granular Knowledge of the Material  Across Your Value Chain

Additional transparency and insights from the data, collated in a single source of truth show the quality of material across the value chain.

Our reconciliation provides you with better strategic decision-making and reliable metal accounting reporting.

Reconciliation in Action Reconciliation has been developed and refined over several years at multiple customer sites, creating an ‘out-of-the-box’ product that can be rapidly deployed to deliver value within weeks.


faster report generation


on-site time saved

5 days saved

per person per month

Discover how Data Reconciliation can be applied to your operation

Mine to Market: Value Chain Optimization

Save time with cross-discipline transparency and better-calibrated instruments using the reconciliation capability.

Our process optimization apps can be deployed on a specific process bottleneck or expanded across the entire value chain.

They are powered by our Scientific AI Decision Intelligence Platform,

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