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The platform,, is a real-time decision-making platform for asset-intensive industries powered by Scientific AI and Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) technology.

Scientific AI is a breakthrough development in AI technology pioneered by that fuses together mechanistic (first principle or physics) models with Machine Learning techniques, providing trusted predictive intelligence to operational decision-makers in real time.

Active deployments of applications span mining operations across Chile, Australia, Kazakhstan, Brazil, North America, Canada, Peru, and South Africa.


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Material Handling Model

The Material Handling Model allows you to accurately track and predict both the metallurgical and physical properties of the material (Material Transport) and their effect on the process in real-time (Material Influence).

Virtual Sensors

The Virtual Sensor portfolio are real-time model outputs of information that provides rich insights into process and asset performance delivered through user-friendly dashboards and reports. 


Data generated by hard and soft sensors can be used to reconcile production metrics, creating a single source of truth for the mining operation. Reconciliation decreases the total uncertainty of data along the value chain to produce a coherent data set that can confidently be used in reporting and in enhanced re-optimization of mine planning.

Data Quality

The Data Quality Model filters the data of varying resolutions both practically and statistically,  which ensures only quality data is used in process simulation.

Deployment Options has developed a “Hybrid Cloud Deployment Architecture”. This combines the benefits of the high-performance computing power of the cloud, required for AI algorithms, with the flexibility of on-premise deployment to support data residency requirements and remove the risk of internet connectivity on mining operations infrastructure.

Security has a modern, cloud-based architecture that has been built with security top-of-mind, the mindset that permeates into our everyday operations.

To demonstrate our commitment we participate in the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre ‘Cyber Essentials Certification’ program.

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The Six Dimensions of the Platform

  1. Describe what is happening, with insight into areas you’ve never been able to measure
  2. Diagnose with certainty using real-time models
  3. Predict what will happen in the future using Scientific AI
  4. Simulate and test the AI output against operator-recommended setpoints
  5. Optimize one or multiple of your processes from mine-to-market
  6. Optimize and close the loop with direct feeds into your DCS

We Optimize Every Step of the Mining Value Chain

Improving Throughput & Recovery

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We use Scientific AI to Connect and Optimise Unit Operations