Mining Stockpile Management

Digital Mine

The Stockpile Material Prediction Application accurately predicts the physical properties of the material retrieved from a mines Stockpile. The data can then be used by Operators at later stages of the mining cycle to make the best decision when processing this material. This allows mines to implement more efficient mining stockpile management and processing of the material at the exact time it needs to.

The Stockpile Application feeds information to the Material Transport Model which supports other optimization applications for processing plant circuits.

digital stockpile application


Unknown and highly variable material properties within stockpiles leads to variable plant performance. 

Root Cause

Lack of knowledge of the stockpile contents.


Our Digital Stockpile Application delivers real-time 3-D models of the material that is stacked, stored, and reclaimed, used for (1) short term mine planning, and (2) blending decisions to optimise plant performance.

Key Digital Stockpile features:

  • 3D stockpile material tracking
  • Real-time data reconciliation to ensure accuracy
  • Reporting functions for comparing performance over different time periods
  • Configurable Push Alerts for stockpiles approaching limits or data errors
  • Stockpile modelling integrates with Material Tracking and Influence models to track material properties while accounting for uncertainty and bad data

3-D stockpile modelling keeps track of where portions of each batch are deposited when stacking is done, and which batches make up a load when reclaiming is done. The application can handle all types of stacker and reclaimer, including truck dumps.


  • Real-time accurate material property estimates.
  • Material financial and performance influence matrix.
  • More efficient material handling later in the mining cycle.
  • Reduce dumping errors
  • Optimize throughput and recovery


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