The real-time decision making Industrial AI platform

The platform is modular and works with other existing data collection systems companies may have. The implementation process has 3 main outcomes;

1. Creation of a Data Lake


  • Enabling real-time tracking of operational performance
  • Reports specific to individual processes
  • Outcomes which improve the bottom line

2. Creation of Digital Twins


  • Data is cleaned to identify process optimizations
  • Testing is possible in a virtual environment
  • Prediction of process performance

3. Creation of a Decision Optimizer


  • Real-time decision making
  • Ensures processes adhere to KPIs
  • Financial variables integrated to impact the bottom line

Unlock the potential of your data & data models is an Open AI Applications Platform enabling Independent Software Companies and OEMs with their own data models to run them on the platform service.

Models are then able to be brought to market faster, reducing development costs and maintenance costs through benefiting from frequent updates to the brains,app platform. Custom applications built on the platform can also be deployed locally on-premise or through multi-cloud solutions as is cloud-agnostic.


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