Heap Leach

Digital Plant

Our Heap Leaching applications allow process optimization and management of critical variables within this inherently unstable environment by mapping the amount and properties of stacked material in the heap.


Our Heap Leach application uses a dynamic volumetric and mass balance to accurately predict acid content of the raffinate solution, therefore allowing for more accurate acid addition flow rates, leading to less overdosing.


Engineers can test various operational scenarios for training purposes in a process simulation environment. This is enabled through the creation of a digital twin to create a safe environment for testing which accurately replicates the variables present in the live operational process. This can also be done remotely through the creation of an IntelliSense.io ROC (Remote Operations Center).


IntelliSense.io will also gather all the dynamic data sources available to model the heaps physical and geometallurgical properties and recommend alternative raffinate flow rate distributions to maximise recoveries.


  • Reduced Energy Consumption: Pumping
  • Reduced Acid Consumption: Fresh Acid Addition
  • Increased Monitoring: Heap Leach
  • Performance Improvement
  • Identify stacked ore characteristics
  • Improve the Heap Stability


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