Flotation Circuit

Digital Plant

The IntelliSense Flotation Circuit App gives users a number of advantages in the analysis and correction of processes within the Mining and Mineral Processing industries.



Using the material tracking and influence capabilities, brains.app is able to understand the impact of the fines and ultra-fines in the final concentrate grade and final copper recovery.

It can also determine the dynamic co-relationship when there is a high presence of ultra-fines in the filtering, and how this affects in the Tailing dam (cyclone of particles) and also the impact in the transport (Rheology).

Additionally, users will be able to identify the impact of unbalanced flowrates in the circuit stabilization and recovery, whether it is necessary to add more instrumentation in order to get a better control or if those gaps can be filled with Virtual sensors, and sense changes in ore mineralogy.


Engineers can test various operational scenarios for training purposes in a process simulation environment. This is enabled through the creation of a digital twin to create a safe environment for testing which accurately replicates the variables present in the live operational process. This can also be done remotely through the creation of an IntelliSense.io ROC (Remote Operations Center).



The brains.app optimization engine uses complex Machine Learning techniques to balance operational and financial optimization by proactively providing control variables required for continuous optimization. The optimization engine is constantly reviewed with input from operations personnel on site.


  • Provide a better control and optimisation of the process
  • Reduce reagents consumption
  • Avoid unscheduled detentions due to process stability
  • Decrease the variability of the final concentrate characteristics
  • Fulfill the quality standards demanded by the market


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