Release Update to Platform with Graphite ‘21

posted on: Wed, 30 06 2021 - 09:00:00 by | Product Updates is thrilled to launch the latest version of Graphite '21. is a real-time decision-making platform for asset-intensive industries. It is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT).



“Due to the variable nature of the mining industry knowing how hard to push each day is difficult. Often a stable minimum is reached. This status is questioned by Process utilization is optimized based on longer and more practical material influence factors. This allows operations to plan for the best. Setting up how defines "optimal" has never been easier. In this release, we introduced unlimited user-configurable value drivers.”

- Mark de Geus, Product Director



The Graphite’21 release note includes significant upgrades to the “out of the box” Optimisation as a Service (OaaS) Applications.


This current release focuses on three main areas;


  • Utilization Optimization
  • Improved Material Influence Integration
  • Value Driver Management




Digital Plant

Each of the OaaS application within the Digital Plant now comes with an "out of the box" Value Driver configuration


Value Driver used to configure the Thickener Decision Optimizer.


Value Driver configuration increases user flexibility, and engagement; while reducing the implementation time.



Each of the OaaS application within the Digital Plant now comes with an "out of the box" Performance Screen!

A Performance Screen being used in Optimize mode, as part of the Thickener Application.


The Performance Screen! is an easy-to-use solution panel specially designed for AI transparency. That explains how the OaaS Applications Predicts, Simulates, and Optimizes the operations.



New Application!


Gravity Separation

The Spiral efficiency prediction enablesimproved process monitoring and recovery. By minimizing the response time to sudden changes in feed stream properties, such as mass flow and percent solids(density) variability.



Here's what's improved in the Products

Grinding Circuit Optimization

  • Be well informed on the mill conditions with the Dynamic Mill weight thresholds. And receive notification on an upcoming mill under/overload. That is achieved by defining the optimal mill weight to changing feed conditions.
  • Make better decisions on the mill feed changes by knowing the composition of the Mill Charge in real-time. Thereby increasing the throughput and producing a more consistent particle size.



Digital Stockpile

Build better-reclaiming strategies by knowing the age of the material in the stockpiles since it's stacked and avoids metallurgical recovery losses.



Flotation Optimization

Maximize the metal recovery by optimizing the floatation circuit performance with theVirtual Sensorrecommendations on some of the unmeasured properties such as the material flows between flotation sections and the section’s mass pull.



Heap Leach Optimization

  • Adapt to the plant feed in real-time with theParticle size prediction that drives liberation consistency hence recovery.
  • Get an insight into thematerial property and its influence contributing to the predicted reclaim difficulty. It reveals the noise distribution and helps ensure resource allocation done in advance.
  • When the increased fines affect the leaching kinetics and metal recovery,bi-weekly inference allows optimized crusher products with fewer fines. Hence these prediction allows for more effective production planning and ore blending strategies.




Spend less time gathering operational data required for reconciliation and report more accurate reconciled data with theData-Driven Reconciliation v3.0 Release Update to Platform with Graphite ‘21
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