Putting Security First, Always has a modern, hybrid cloud architecture designed with security at the forefront, integral to everything we do.

In order to demonstrate our commitment to operational security, we have teamed up with the National Cyber Security Centre in the UK to participate in their Cyber Essentials Certification program.

National Cyber Security Centre
Cyber Essentials Certified

Cloud Hosting works with ISO 27001, SOC2, and ISO 9001-certified infrastructure providers such as AWS to ensure that customer environments follow industry best practices and that all data complies with regulations including GDPR and POPI.


Data Encryption

All our data connections adhere to the latest security standards. We employ secure protocols for data pipelines and storage to access customer data from their source systems. These protocols may include OPC-UA, MQTT, VPN, and SFTP. Additionally, our applications are accessed via HTTPS, ensuring top-notch security and confidentiality when accessing customer data.

In terms of design and coding, our platform is meticulously crafted with security in mind. All coding is executed according to the latest standards, and our developers adhere to rigorous standards, methodologies, and industry best practices.

Encryption in Backup

All data is backed up to Amazon’s encrypted SSE-S3 storage, ensuring data security. Access to backups is tightly controlled and restricted solely for disaster recovery purposes.

User Access

The fully integrates with OAuth2 and Active Directory to provide comprehensive support for Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

Code Integrity and Penetration Testing routinely schedules external penetration tests conducted by accredited third-party assessors to ensure the security of your data with us.

Encryption Key Management

Our cloud service offering includes automated encryption management tools, eliminating the need for manual intervention.

Data Processing and Collection

The platform and the do not collect, store, or process any personal information.

Data Security

Every customer of enjoys their own dedicated cluster, ensuring complete data isolation and protection within their secure, hosted environment.

Data Access implements a role-based access structure, granting access exclusively to authorized individuals and permitting connections solely through secure protocols.

Inter-application communication necessitates client-side certificates and employs secure protocols like SSH (Secure Shell), TLS (Transport Layer Security), and HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure). Additionally, user access is further restricted through password authentication and role-based access controls.

We deploy our systems across multiple cloud service providers to ensure the availability of our platform and to accommodate customers’ IT/cybersecurity needs.

For further details, please request a copy of our full data security and privacy policy. Platform Securely Collects and Processes Data

2.5 Millions

tonnes of material processed per day

7 Petabytes

of data processed