Reduce Stoppages to Save $1-3M

Major Iron Ore Mine in Australia

A case study in preventing high-torque stoppage events using Thickener Optimization.

Thickener Optimization App snippet

Customer Challenge

Unplanned Thickener Isolation Events

A lack of information about the Thickener monitor variables was making it impossible to make informed decisions on the Thickener control.

The desired outcome was to achieve the highest underflow percent solids consistently.

How We Helped

Thickener Scientific-AI Optimization

Rapid implementation of a digital twin process for the thickener circuit (comprising 3 tanks) and involving the training of pre-built machine learning models.

The AI Optimizer’s ‘Value Driver’ was configured based on the client’s chosen ranges.

Virtual sensors were enabled for rake torque monitoring with associated alerts.

The Outcome

Reduction of $1-3M Operational Cost

Prevented thickener stoppages 5 hours before they happened.

Creating a significant cost saving of $1-3M per year for reducing stoppage events.

Increasing recovered water up to 37,000 m3 per year without one tank stoppage.

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