Increase Metal Recovery by 3%

Major Copper Mine in Chile

Achieve a stable Flotation circuit by maximizing recovery per cell using Flotation Optimization

Flotation App Snippet 2

Customer Challenge

Low Visibility on Control Variables within Circuit

Operators often don’t know how each of their flotation cells/columns are performing & contributing to the overall recoveries.

Simulate different operative scenarios for optimum conditions and recommendations.

How We Helped

Real-time Virtual Sensors per Column Cell

Rapid implementation of a digital twin process for the Flotation circuit (comprising 100 cells) and involving the training of pre-built machine learning models.

Real-time Virtual Sensors of mass pulls, metal recovery, and concentrate & tails grades – per section and per cell.

The AI Optimizer’s ‘Value Driver’ was configured based on the client’s chosen ranges.

The Outcome

 Metal Recovery Gains set to be >$30M

Successfully implemented virtual sensors for 100 cells’ Flotation circuit

Up to 3% increase in recovery for column cells at on-spec grade through the combination of Virtual Sensors & flotation physics, including CFD models, to operate within the ideal Zhang Flow Regime Map.

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