Leaching Optimization

Increase Material Visibility & Reduce Acid Consumption

IntelliSense.io’s Leaching Optimization application provides a near real-time 3D Heap Model, showing different ore compositions across the leaching pads.   Metallurgists can use virtual sensor recommendations to make better decisions and meet their operational KPIs.

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Made for Your Mining Challenges

High Acid Consumption and Reclaim Risks

Operations have significant uncertainty around how ore types and material properties are distributed throughout the heaps/sections pads, leading to inefficient irrigation strategies, high acid consumption, and lower recoveries.

How It Helps

3D Heap Model for Better Operational Decisions

The application provides real-time visibility on the spatial distribution of ore properties in the stacked material.

Guiding operators on how to irrigate the different modules for optimal leaching performance & metal transfer to the solvent extraction stages with reduced acid consumption.

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What You Get

Reduce Acid Consumption and Increase Metal Recovery

Improved leaching kinetics by adapting your mine planning and blending strategies plus OPEX savings on acid consumption and material handling.

Predict fine material contamination and reduce flooding events and operational risk of heap blinding.

Leaching Optimization in Action

The IntelliSense.io Leaching Optimization application has been developed and refined over several years at multiple customer sites, creating an ‘out-of-the-box’ product that can be rapidly deployed to deliver value within weeks.

The IntelliSense.io team was capable to provide real-time tracking of ore characteristics for heap deposition which was used as an input for the irrigation strategies, allowing metallurgists to save 5-8% in the total acid addition.

Major Copper Mine



savings in acid consumption 


improvement in copper recovery

Discover how Leaching Optimization can be applied to your operation

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Our Material Handling model connects these applications to drive even greater efficiency.

Our process optimization apps can be deployed on a specific process bottleneck or expanded across the entire value chain. They are powered by our Scientific AI Decision Intelligence Platform, brains.app.

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