Our Team and Values

Empowering People and Machines to Make Better and Reliable Decisions.

IntelliSense.io are committed to empowering people and machines to make better and reliable decisions.

People Value

Converging diversity, growing together

The IntelliSense.io team proudly consists of over 25 nationalities spread across 6 international offices with many of our employees choosing to work remotely.

Customer Value

Mining the future with you

Our customers are our partners to build a more efficient, sustainable and safe mining industry for those who work in the industry and for the rest of the world.

Product Value

Safe and transparent AI solutions to real problems

The IntelliSense.io Decision Intelligence platform (brains.app) that powers our Process Optimization apps all build trust by allowing users to understand the inputs and reasons behind recommendations.

The IntelliSense.io Team in Numbers



Offices across the world

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