Women in the Mining Tech Sector Series: Redefining the Norms with Menna

 Featuring Menna Wael, QA Lead


As International Women’s Day approaches, it’s an opportune moment to shine a spotlight on the new generation of women who are breaking ground and reshaping the landscape of the mining tech sector.

Historically dominated by men, the mining industry has seen a gradual but significant shift towards inclusivity and diversity, with women playing pivotal roles in driving innovation, sustainability, and progress. Whether you are the head of a mining exploration organization or are part of a mining software technology team,  equity in mining is a shared responsibility.

In order to inspire future generations of women in the mining sector, it is crucial to acknowledge and celebrate the pioneering women who paved the way, as well as those currently making significant contributions throughout the mining value chain.

Building a New Narrative

Today, we took the opportunity to speak with colleagues from around the world about their experience in the Tech and Mining working space.

We asked Menna Wael, QA Team Lead at IntelliSense.io, how they are contributing to the sector, what main challenges they have faced, and the advice they have for women embarking on their careers in the mining tech industry.

Can you share examples of how you have contributed to driving innovation and implementing technology solutions within the mining industry?

Inside our People Operations Team - Featuring Ele Castellazzi

I led the creation of the test automation framework aimed at ensuring system stability to meet the release deadline. This involved establishing a quality assurance-focused approach, emphasizing proactive defect prevention. Additionally, I worked on performance testing strategies to optimize system performance under various load conditions. I also provided support and monitored test data for IntelliSense.io brains.app platform. Moreover, I initiated training sessions and upskilled the QA team, focusing on emerging technologies and best practices”.

What are some of the key challenges you have encountered as a woman in the mining tech sector, and how have you navigated and overcome them?

Women are often underrepresented in the tech industry, resulting in a lack of diverse perspectives. This can be overcome by advocating for diversity and inclusion, participating in women in tech communities, and serving as visible role models. Addressing this issue involves challenging stereotypes, showcasing skills and achievements, and seeking mentorship and sponsorship.

Balancing work and personal life can pose challenges, but they can be overcome by acknowledging achievements, seeking feedback, and recognizing that everyone faces challenges and learns along the way. Additionally, addressing this issue entails advocating for equal opportunities, negotiating for promotions, and actively aiming for leadership positions.

It’s important to note that experiences vary, and these challenges can be addressed collectively through industry-wide initiatives, policy changes, and commitment to fostering inclusivity and diversity”.

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, what message would you like to share with fellow professionals and industry leaders about the importance of diversity, inclusion, and gender equality in the mining sector?

Diversity is more than a checkbox; it’s a chance for creativity in the tech world. Let’s build a tech industry that’s lively, energetic, and fair, showcasing the real power of everyone’s talents“.


Highlighting Women’s Diversity at IntelliSense.io

Currently, women make up 32% of the workforce at IntelliSense.io, representing over 7 countries and holding various roles in HR, accounting, technology (software development, QA engineering), mining, and metallurgy.

On this International Women’s Day, IntelliSense.io reaffirms its commitment to diversity, inclusion, and gender equality in the tech & mining tech sector and beyond. We want to amplify the voices of women, advocate for equal opportunities, and strive to create environments where every individual, regardless of gender, can thrive and contribute meaningfully to the industry’s success.

Together, we can create a tech mining industry that is not only technologically advanced but also socially responsible and inclusive.

Mine to Market: Value Chain Optimization

The Stockpile & Inventory Optimization Application is one of a suite of real-time decision-making applications that uses AI to optimize each process; from mine to market.

Our Material Handling model connects these applications to drive even greater efficiency.

Our process optimization apps can be deployed on a specific process bottleneck or expanded across the entire value chain. They are powered by our Industrial AI Decision Intelligence Platform, brains.app.

Stockpile and Inventory Optimization

Stockpile & Inventory Optimization

Grinding Optimization App

Grinding Optimization

Thickener Circuit Optimization

Thickener Optimization

Flotation Circuit

Flotation Optimization

Solvent Extraction Optimization App

Solvent Extraction (SX) Optimization

Leaching Optimization App

Leaching Optimization