Inside our People Operations Team: Who is Behind our Amazing Staff?

 Featuring Ele Castellazzi, Head People Partner


Ele’s role involves the whole HR spectrum, from candidate experience to the full employee lifecycle. 

Her passion for this function started several years ago when she came across Talent Acquisition and as she grew in this area more broadly, HR became her mission: “The opportunity to contribute to the company’s growth and success through hiring and developing its people really appealed to me and gave me a great sense of fulfillment”.

At, Ele said that she has been given countless opportunities for growth at a professional and personal level, and that is very rewarding to see her colleagues’ career journey as well.

Inside our People Operations Team - Featuring Ele Castellazzi

Knowing More About Ele

When not at work, where would we find you?

You will find me working out, consuming huge volumes of self-improvement content, and pottering around in little crafty kinds of hobbies.


What is your favorite subject at school?

I loved learning languages from an early age so I started with English, Then at High School and University, I pursued French and German. Other subjects I really enjoyed (and still do) are history and philosophy.


Can you tell us something we don’t know about you?

I have uncompromising daily rituals to get my day going in a positive and productive way. I am quite obsessed with productivity hacks and try a variety of things to get more done in effective/ efficient ways.


What 3 items would you take with you on a desert island?

Providing there is electricity and Wi-Fi, I would take my iPad loaded with my 


Kindle app and my podcasts (I hope that counts as 1), a smoothie maker so all those coconuts on the island don’t go to waste, and a plane to fly to and from the island whenever I want.


How would you describe in one word?


Who we are and our Team Values is a UK tech company headquartered in Cambridge, UK. We have also established regional offices in Barcelona, Cork, Santiago, Almaty, and Perth and currently employ more than 100 people. Our team blends Data Science, Software Engineering with Mining Process experts. This team has managed to build AI/ML models that predict, simulate, and optimize every step of the mining journey – from mine to market. is committed to empowering people and machines to make better and more reliable decisions. Here, we pride ourselves on providing opportunities for our diverse team to grow professionally and personally whilst forging lasting relationships with our customers and colleagues.

Every day is a learning opportunity.

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Mine to Market: Value Chain Optimization

The Stockpile & Inventory Optimization Application is one of a suite of real-time decision-making applications that uses AI to optimize each process; from mine to market.

Our Material Handling model connects these applications to drive even greater efficiency.

Our process optimization apps can be deployed on a specific process bottleneck or expanded across the entire value chain. They are powered by our Industrial AI Decision Intelligence Platform,

Stockpile and Inventory Optimization

Stockpile & Inventory Optimization

Grinding Optimization App

Grinding Optimization

Thickener Circuit Optimization

Thickener Optimization

Flotation Circuit

Flotation Optimization

Solvent Extraction Optimization App

Solvent Extraction (SX) Optimization

Leaching Optimization App

Leaching Optimization