Improve Fe Accuracy by 32.7%

Major Iron Ore Mine in Australia

A case study in overcoming low accuracy levels in the material grade feed to the plant using Stockpile & Inventory Optimization.
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Customer Challenge

Low Accuracy in Material Grade Feed to Plant

The Weighted Average Model (WAM) of stockpiles grades was showing low accuracy levels with the material fed to the plant severely impacting downstream processes.

How We Helped

Improved Visibility with 3D Stockpile Models 3D Stockpile model data and the crusher feed was compared to the provided head-grade assay to determine accuracy deviation.

The Outcome

Accuracy Improved by 32.7%

Fe, Al2O3, SiO2, and P assay results are closely matched by the Stockpile & Inventory data.

On the comparison of the weighted average crusher feed to the head grade results, the Stockpile 3D block model outperformed the weighted average model in all instances, with Fe accuracy improved by 32.7%.

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