Identify100,000 Tonnes of Waste in RoM

Major Copper Mine in Chile

A case study on how a 3D block model of stockpiles helped identify accidental dumping errors on ore-grade stockpiles.
Stockpile Optimization App snippet

Customer Challenge

Management of Material Handling

Ensuring precise material placement (including both waste and ore dumps) during road widening construction and mine infrastructure projects.

How We Helped

3D Block Model of Stockpiles

3D block modeling was used to recognize waste dumped on a stockpile.

Alerts were created to highlight the dumps that were out of range tonnage.

The Outcome

Identified >100,000t of Waste Dumped on RoM Stockpiles

  • Identified over 100,000 tonnes of waste (blue region in the 3D block model picture) and prevented it from being sent to the plant, avoiding unnecessary mineral processing costs.
  • Boundaries were updated to keep waste material out of stockpiles.
  • Accurate tracking of material feed to the plant was initiated avoiding negative end-product blend issues.

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