Decrease Flocculant Usage by 16%

Major Iron Ore Mine in Australia

A case study about reducing Thickener’s process variability with machine learning modelling.
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Customer Challenge

Instability in Achieving Target Setpoints

Continuously changing feed material from the upstream plant was leading to instability to achieve desired underflow % of solids, requiring additional cost with flocculant.

Unplanned Thickener stoppage events due to high rake torque lead to high maintenance costs and a decrease in water reuse.

How We Helped

Thickener Scientific-AI Optimization

Introduction of Machine Learning-based models to predict and recommend adjusting flow rates and flocculant dosages.

Implementation of Virtual Sensors for bed pressure, rake torque, and clear water height monitoring.

Simulator tool for “what if” scenario modeling.

The Outcome

16% Reduction in Flocculant and 18% in Rake Torque

Thickener underflow density was stabilized against the upper limit provided by the client with a decrease in flocculant dosage by 16%.

Reduction of water and energy consumption with a higher return for capital investment.

Decreased rake torque by 18%, reducing operational costs with thickener maintenance and components.

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