How can AI be an Ally in the Minerals Demand for Energy Transition and Make Green Technologies “Really Green”?

Our CEO and Founder, Sam G. Bose was the invited guest speaker for the #49th episode 


The New Ventures Podcast is an initiative of Sanjoy Sanyal, a climate innovation and climate finance expert, who is also a visiting fellow at the prestigious Cambridge Judge Business School at the University of Cambridge in the UK. 

The podcast was created to discuss relevant topics around emerging technologies and climate change, aiming to help people starting climate initiatives learn from others who are already progressing with their initiatives today. 

The #49th episode specifically talks about a really interesting and important topic. How are we going to fill the huge demand for minerals to build the renewable energy equipment and electric vehicles needed for the energy transition?


Related to this topic, Sam Bose, Founder and CEO of was invited to explain how artificial intelligence can be an ally in mining and make these green technologies “really green”

Learning Points Discussed Include:

– The mining industry typically accounts for between 4% to 7% of the total greenhouse gas emissions across the planet;

–  Minerals that we are looking for from copper to rare earths are mostly in high water-stressed regions of the world such as Chile and Australia,  so water conservation and reuse is a massive issue.

–  Latest research shows that for energy transition minerals such as copper and lithium, the demand versus supply gap will be around 66%, forecast by 2030.

– What is required: we need to get more from our existing assets (mines) at the lowest cost and in the most sustainable way.  And Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the ally to help us achieve this seemingly impossible task.

– Scientific AI –  the fusion of physics models with machine learning techniques (pioneered by provides another layer of capability beyond just learning from the huge quantity of data. With this kind of modern computing or advanced decision support systems, we can actually use the data to make operations more proactive or predictive, accounting for any variabilities that can decrease efficiency. That’s where we see the value that AI or intelligence can provide to the world.

– use Scientific AI to help the mining industry protect its own margins by driving greater efficiency as well as helping them to create a more sustainable footprint. 

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