Sustainability Leadership: Featuring Filipe Mattos’ Journey

Sustainability Leadership: Featuring Filipe Mattos’ Journey

Last week, our Product Marketing Executive, Filipe Mattos, participated in a one-week Sustainability Training Program at the Hurricane Island Center for Science & Leadership in Rockland, Maine, USA.

Filipe was awarded in-person training during his engagement in the UPG Sustainability Program, an initiative from the NGO United People Global (UPG) which has trained so far more than 1,500 young people across 150 countries. Now, he shares a piece about this experience and how it connects to values and aspirations.

It’s a once in a Lifetime Experience

The UPG Sustainability Leadership training it’s a once in a lifetime experience. During the week, we were exposed to global themes related to sustainability including social, economic and environmental issues. The main focus is to connect our projects with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and also on how to use the UPG Pillars to move from “ideals and goals” to “positive action”.

For me, the most interesting and unique aspect of this experience is the possibility for participants to engage in activities to explore ecosystems, use the historical features of the island environment, participate in team-building activities and live in an environment where there is a shared responsibility for the resources available.

I was surprised to discover that Hurricane Island was a former Quarry between 1885 -1914 and this made me feel much more connected once I love mining. I wish we had back then, to help with process optimization!

Beyond that, the possibility to learn and share with people from different backgrounds and countries remembered me of our team and values, and how we are such a diverse company. It is amazing to see that people from all over the world want to improve their communities and are willing to work hard to make the world more sustainable as we also do here at”.

Sustainability Webinars

Inside the classroom, the UPG Sustainability Leaders have different lectures and seminar style discussions covering a range of subjects, including: climate politics, localization, the circular economy, behavioural psychology, stakeholder engagement, resource mobilization, and time to explore each other’s social impact initiatives.

Raft Challenge

Focused hands-on activity to exercise team building and team management for achieving
our goals – a really challenging raft construction using raw materials plus rowing.

Ecosystem Discovery

Opportunity to know more about the ecosystem around us, going for a historical hike to learn the island’s history and how it transformed from a quarry town to a Sustainability research centre; exploring the local fresh water pond to discuss environmental health indicators and the need for balance to keep systems working.

Sustainability Leadership is about positive citizen initiative to transform our community in the way we want. It is a movement that encourages and enables people at all levels to take action towards a more sustainable world.

Filipe Mattos

Product Marketing at

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