Women in Tech: Featuring Marzhan Junusbekova

International Women’s Day: Celebrating Women in Technology.


Introducing Marzhan, an Applications Specialist at IntelliSense.io who graduated from Nazarbayev University in Kazakhstan with a degree in Chemical Engineering in 2020. Thank you Marzhan for having the courage to bring your talents as a Chemical Engineer into the world of software, with your help we will transform the Mining Industry for the better!

We are sharing the stories of our colleagues because as a team we are passionate about International Women’s Day (IWD) and proud of its mission to “celebrate digital advancement and champion the women forging innovation through technology”.


Marzhan Junusbekova: Applications Specialist

Tell us a little bit about your background so far

I recently graduated from Nazarbayev University in Kazakhstan with a degree in Chemical Engineering. I thought that my career path would involve working in petroleum or pharmaceuticals. But my first job was with SGS in Kazakhstan working in the heart of mining in the country. I became fully interested and engaged in the work there. I was curious about the processes in mining and I asked lots of questions to help me build a full picture.


Why did you choose IntelliSense.io?

When I came to IntelliSense.io, I came to know that we could make the lives of the people working in and at the mines easier by adding and implementing AI projects. I am very pleased to be working at IntelliSense.io.

I had a great experience visiting our customer (Altynalmas who are one of the largest gold miners in Kazakhstan) at their mine site at Actogay. This allowed me to see the pain points first hand and understand even more our responsibility to make it easier for the people working on-site, where the work can be difficult and very stressful. It’s exciting that we can help!

I would also like to say that I especially like working at IntelliSense.io because we are from all over the planet (and we live all over the planet), but we understand each other and are on the same level. And, together, we are developing the product and doing great work.

I really love IntelliSense.io for opening opportunities for me to grow, sharpen my skills and become more flexible.


What advice would you give people at the start of their career journey?

The advice I would give, especially to students is to be flexible. Try to not think only of one area to find your work, your place. Think more of a solution and how it can be applied in many areas. As for me, I thought I would be in petroleum or pharmaceuticals, and look at me now. Be flexible!



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