Flotation Optimization Spotlight

Learn how you can generate real-time Flotation Performance Predictions with our Hematite ’21 release. 

Hematite is the very latest release of our suite of decision intelligence applications built specifically for the mining industry.  The applications all use artificial intelligence (AI) and data science models to target individual mining processes and increase their efficiency, sustainability and safety.

This second spotlight in our series focuses on our Flotation Optimization app and real-time performance predictions.

Kevin O'Kane

The Flotation Optimization Challenge

Human decision making, a reactive response to changing process conditions and slow feedback from KPI data results in operators not knowing how each of their flotation cells and columns is performing and contributing to the overall recoveries.

Most operators don’t have live feedback on whether their air flow rates and reagent dosages are producing the right cell or bank performance in terms of metal recovery, concentrate grade and mass pull. They often only get this feedback when they take samples for lab analysis, after which they adjust their control variable setpoints.

This uncertainty and delay means that flotation circuits often operate at wrong set points for long periods of time limiting the circuit’s performance and driving up OPEX($/t).


The IntelliSense.io Solution

Our IntelliSense.io Flotation Optimization app delivers operators a predictive model uniquely based on first principles modelling and flotation kinetics using a simulation type approach.

The kinetic model uses lab analysis data which is fitted to the kinetic model on the flotation circuit. The digital process model is deployed as live outputs using virtual sensors.

This provides a quantitative link between feed- and-control variables, and final flotation performance (grade & recovery), including real-time grade & recovery feedback per cell/bank.


The Value Delivered

This live feedback on flotation performance allows Operators and Metallurgists to:

  • Make immediate parameter setpoint corrections, instead of waiting for non-real-time (offline) lab sample results to inform the suitable plant configuration
  • Run at the most stable air flows and reagent dosages, leading to increased circuit performance on recovery, concentrate grade and mass pull
  • Minimize metal grade tailings
Flotation Performance Prediction

A Flotation Dashboard showing the kinetic model and providing real-time insights into the operation

Want to know more? We would be delighted to provide a live demo tailored to your requirements.

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