Hematite ’21, the latest version of our Decision Intelligence platform for the Circular Economy

IntelliSense.io is thrilled to launch the latest version of our Decision Intelligence platform for the Circular Economy, Hematite ’21. 

Hematite is the latest release of our suite of applications built specifically for the mining industry and which target individual mining processes to increase their efficiency, sustainability and safety.

The applications use artificial intelligence (AI) and data science models to provide real-time recommendations to operators. All applications benefit from live dashboards and opportunity loss analysis served from our underlying brains.app platform.

Uniquely, we are able to connect these applications together across the mine to the market value chain to deliver further efficiency benefits through increased upstream and downstream visibility.

Our latest release (Hematite) focuses on delivering improvements for our customers across three core focus areas;

Kevin O'Kane
  • Intelligent Operator Alerts
  • Speed to Value
  • Value Provenance and Performance

“Our AI models produce lots of new and extremely useful data, so much so that some recommendations may go unnoticed. The introduction of user-configurable alerts constantly monitors that data to deliver the right action to the right person at the right time.

To get the right action; we have focused more on value-based (for example Grade and Recovery) performance prediction, simulation, and optimization.

Breaking down mining silos is about knowing where that value comes from (i.e. Provenance) which allows mines to maximize value-based planning. We make all of this available quicker, easier and at scale with configurable initialization in combination with batch data management and auto training models”

Mark De Geus

Product Director, IntelliSense.io

Here’s what’s improved in the IntelliSense.io Products

    Grinding Circuit Optimization

  • Ball Charge Control Quality Monitoring provides Operators with real-time visibility on how well a mill’s ball charge tracks its target level along with notification on significant deviation.
  • Notifications on Mill Discharge Density for Operators when a Mill’s discharge slurry density (or %solids) goes outside its target ranges, allowing them to make an immediate correction to the Mill feed dilution.

       Digital Stockpile

  • Stockpile Site Configuration screen improves transparency by revealing all the parameters used for the stockpile configuration in brains.app to users, also ensuring the provided information corresponds to what is required on site.
  • It’s now possible to initialize your stockpiles from the brains.app directly with the Stockpile Initialization screen, thereby reducing implementation time.
  • As a part of the Stockpile initialization, Scan Management enables scan workflow from ingestion, extrapolation and quality assurance checks, thereby speeding up the stockpile onboarding process.
  • 3D Block model files with the stockpile sub-regions enable the Ore grade controllers to group material that share common properties to suit certain parameters requested by the plant.
  • Material Provenance Tracking allows mine sites to reconcile back the stockpile block models, tracking from the Pit dig zones to the plant results.

     Flotation Optimization

      Thickener Circuit Optimization

  • A Thickener Virtual Sensor of the minimum settling rate, to increase the transparency and notify Operators on the settling rate needed to ensure the desired solid-liquid separation.

     Heap Leach Optimization Application

  • A model drift tool for auto- retraining of our machine learning models for improved accuracy, transparency and usage by our clients.

Solvent Extraction Optimization Application

   Material Model

  • A framework for using instrument measurements to provide state estimates that account for uncertainty and provide visibility on unmeasured stream properties of interest via equation oriented dynamic modelling of process circuits.


  • A tool for unifying different sources of measurement, providing a unified estimate of the real values of interest while reporting on the associated uncertainty. Can detect the presence and likely locations of gross measurement error.


  • A new data visualization technique: the Grid widget enables decision support based on data analysis in table format.
  • In-app alerts ensure that operators are always made aware of any situation requiring their attention and can jump straight to dashboards providing them with the context they need to take the right decision. Decisions are made in a timely manner and situations such as SAG Mill overloads can be avoided, saving the company hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  • Batch metric creation includes ranges, saving time when creating and assigning metrics to assets. Adding new digital twins and assets is therefore significantly sped up.
  • In addition to those, over 100 requests have been completed to improve the existing functionality of the platform and increase its robustness.

    IntelliSense.io Academy

  • The training materials generated in SCORM format increases interoperability and reusability of the product training with various e-learning platforms. Along with a set of e-learning for the Stockpile and Flotation applications.
    Visit the IntelliSense.io Academy to enrol in one of these courses.
  • IntelliSense.io Feedback portal, enables users to send us comments, suggestions, messages, or anything about their experience with regards to brains.app.

The IntelliSense.io Application Portfolio

Mine to Market: Value Chain Optimization

The Stockpile & Inventory Optimization Application is one of a suite of real-time decision-making applications that uses AI to optimize each process; from mine to market.

Our Material Handling model connects these applications to drive even greater efficiency.

Our process optimization apps can be deployed on a specific process bottleneck or expanded across the entire value chain. They are powered by our Industrial AI Decision Intelligence Platform, brains.app.

Stockpile and Inventory Optimization

Stockpile & Inventory Optimization

Grinding Optimization App

Grinding Optimization

Thickener Circuit Optimization

Thickener Optimization

Flotation Circuit

Flotation Optimization

Solvent Extraction Optimization App

Solvent Extraction (SX) Optimization

Leaching Optimization App

Leaching Optimization