Release Notes-Version 21.2.4

Version 21.2.4

What’s Improved!

When you are subscribed to more than one Products, it often becomes difficult to keep track of the Licenses and their renewal dates.

Now find the Licenses listed by their names in the License Information screen for better visibility and traceability.

    Learn more about managing them with this article “How do I manage License Information?”

    Improved Reporting Formats

    PDF reporting has been one of the most preferable format for exporting the dashboard data or information.
    In this release, it has been made better by supporting the LIVE Text widgets.
    All the LIVE text widget data in your dashboards can now be exported to a .PDF file.

    Revised User Manuals

    The Platform and Administration user manuals Version 21.2.9-en is now available with the latest feature and its functionalities.

    What’s Fixed!

    Minor bug fixes on the report subscription, asset administration and data mappings screens.

    The Application Portfolio