JSC AK Altynalmas receives OEE Award for the implementation of the Digital Mine project

Press Release: Cambridge, 12th December 2019

JSC “AK Altynalmas” became the winner of the prestigious OEE Award, which was held on December 6 in Moscow as part of the international conference and industrial marathon “Efficient production 4.0”.

The OEE Award annually awards companies for achievements in the field of efficient production. Altynalmas has won the first place in the nomination “Preventive service and equipment repair” for the “Digital mine” project among 100 enterprises of CIS and Russia. The event has been held for the 4th time and plays an essential role for the industry development. It keeps professionals together and awards pioneers in digitalization.

Altynalmas is one of the seven model plants chosen by the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan to demonstrate the advantages of digital technologies for the entire mining and metallurgical industry of the country.

Some tasks of the Digital Mine project of Altynalmas were carried out by the Center for Technological Development “Intellisense-LAB”, created by Tech Garden jointly with the British company IntelliSense.io with the aim of implementing Industry 4.0 at the enterprises of Kazakhstan. Currently, Industrial Artificial Intelligence Platform brains.app is deployed at the Aktogay Plant of JSC “AK Altynalmas”. The AI powered platform helps to monitor and predict ball charge level to maintain the optimal range for throughput and grinding effectiveness without having to stop the mill for inspections. Machine learning predicts mill performance ten minutes into the future, identifying potential overload events. Further benefits include financial metrics correlated with the circuit operation in real-time to identify optimization opportunities and real-time optimization routines which increase throughput whilst minimizing energy consumption and maintaining effectiveness.

“Implementing AI powered brains.app platform should become a benchmark for our activities and allow our employees to make the work of the plant transparent & predictable. It should help us to  reduce mill stops, and help us to gain the maximum benefits from the Aktogay site,” said Zhanar Amanzholova, Vice President of IT and Corporate Development of JSC “AK Altynalmas”, Head of the Project “Digital Mine”.

Intellisense.io has completed the pilot project at the Aktogay Plant of JSC “AK Altynalmas” on deploying the AI powered industrial platform providing predictive analysis of the grinding circuit. An application for optimizing the grinding circuit was implemented for the 3 process modules with the specified KPIs and now has reached the commissioning acceptance stage.

Mining companies had an opportunity to get acquainted with the results of the pilot project and applied technologies at the exhibition “Astana Mining & Metallurgy” during the joint presentation with technical specialists of JSC “AK Altynalmas”.

“The Intellisense.io team were faced with the following key challenges: reducing mill stops, reducing mill overload frequency, predicting the lining wear and managing wear in the grinding circuit. Due  to the AI’s predictive analysis capabilities, we get real-time information about the ball charge level and lining behavior in the grinding circuit, which should lead to a reduction in unnecessary mill stops,” explains Daryn Munsyzbayev, head of the Altynalmas subproject.

“We would like to express our gratitude to our partners Altynalmas  for the opportunity we were given. Altynalmas is one of the most advanced companies in our country and is open for new technologies. The results of our cooperation can be a good example for other enterprises on the benefits that AI can provide them.”, – added Andrei Tian, Director of the “Center for Technological Development “Intellisense-LAB”.

As part of the localization of the brains.app artificial intelligence platform, free educational seminars were held in 2019 at Astana Hub. In total, more than 150 participants took part in the training, including representatives of the largest mining companies in Kazakhstan, such as ArcelorMittal Temirtau, Rio Tinto, ERG, Kazzinc, Polymetal and others.

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