to Deliver Efficiencies for Anglo-American Pipeline Pumping Station to Deliver Efficiencies for AngloAmerican Through Water & Energy Optimisation as Part of the Newton-Picarte Resource Efficiency for Sustainable Extraction of Raw Materials Program

Cambridge UK & Santiago Chile – Cambridge, UK-based and AngloAmerican announce that they have initiated a joint project for to optimise the energy and water utilisation of the pipeline, which supplies recovered tailings water to the Confluencia Plant at its Los Bronces copper operation in Santiago, Chile. and AngloAmerican were awarded project funding through the Newton-Picarte Fund. technology is used to deliver continuous optimisation of processes and systems through a combination of sensors, software and simulation, delivering “Optimisation-as-a-Service” resulting in limited CapEx, faster deployment and regular technology upgrades to deliver rapid return on investment (ROI) to their customers.

Sam G. Bose, CEO of stated, “By developing a pipeline pumping system optimisation and integrity monitoring application for this project, AngloAmerican will be able to improve efficiency of their pipeline systems, gain reduced energy consumption and reduced carbon footprint from their operations. This will be delivered through modern optimisation software that incorporates real-time, multi-sensor data to continuously deliver optimised pump running schedules automating pump controls based on multiple variables. The project will deliver an automated, dynamic pumping schedule that will allow AngloAmerican operations to automate the pipeline pumping equipment and deliver continuous optimisation of water and energy consumption.”

“Investing in technologies that reduce the environmental impact of our operations – and therefore improve their sustainability – is one of our most important focus areas,” said Meshal Ruplal, Head of Engineering for AngloAmerican’s Copper business. “Reducing the energy required for our pipelines and improving the efficiency of our pumping systems will directly benefit our ability to improve water conservation.”

The dynamic pumping schedule models the demand for process water, balancing the supply of recovered tailings water with the availability of “make up” or fresh water. The application also monitors pipeline integrity and wear rates by utilising existing and additional sensing over long distances across the pipeline, to identify degraded operation and generate pipeline integrity alerts, enabling proactive maintenance and reducing the risk of pipeline integrity failures.

The Water & Energy Management Pipeline Pumping System Optimisation (WEMPSO) project for the Los Bronces operation of AngloAmerican is funded by the Newton-Picarte fund. The Newton-Picarte fund is a joint fund between the UK and Chile to promote scientific research and innovation in order to contribute to the economic development and social welfare of Chile. There is a designated budget from CORFO, the Chilean funding agency and through Innovate UK, the UK funding agency, to support partners.

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AngloAmerican is a globally diversified mining business. Our portfolio of world-class competitive mining operations and undeveloped resources provides the raw materials to meet the growing consumer-driven demands of the world’s developed and maturing economies. Our people are at the heart of our business. It is our people who use the latest technologies to find new resources, plan and build our mines and who mine, process and move and market our products – from diamonds (through De Beers) to platinum and other precious metals and copper – to our customers around the world.

As a responsible miner, we are the custodians of those precious resources. We work together with our key partners and stakeholders to unlock the long-term value that those resources represent for our shareholders, but also for the communities and countries in which we operate – creating sustainable value and making a real difference. is the market leader in providing innovative real time data analytics applications over resilient wireless sensor networks. offers the leading Industrial Internet of Things platform for delivering “Optimisation as a Service.” Its applications make capital and asset intensive industries more efficient and productive by delivering previously unknown operational insights from real-time sensor data. applications portfolio has been deployed in the Mining industry across Latin America and Kazakhstan for Base and Precious Metal operations. is a privately-held company based in Cambridge, England.

Newton-Picarte Fund

The Newton Fund aims to promote the economic development and social welfare of partner countries. It will do so through strengthening their science and innovation capacity. It is part of the UK’s Official Development Assistance (ODA).

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