Exponor Chile

IntelliSense.io to preview new product Brains VOS* at Exponor Chile that improves yield of In Situ Leaching (ISL) operations.

CAMBRIDGE, ENGLAND – 10th May, 2015 – IntelliSense.io will showcase the latest updates to their Intelligent Mining solution at Exponor Chile. IntelliSense.io specialises in delivering ‘Optimisation as a Service’ with rapid ROI and no upfront capital cost for equipment upgrades to mining operations.

Building further from their success in Kazakhstan where their Intelligent Mining solution was deployed at KazAtomProm’s Taukent Mining and Chemical Enterprise, an in­situ operation extracting uranium oxide in South Kazakhstan, IntelliSense.io have added a new product to their portfolio to drive further yield enhancement for mining operations.

Brains VOS (Virtual Optimisation Simulator) a new product in the ‘Brains’ product portfolio, will be previewed at the prestigious mining event starting on the 11th May in Antofagasta, Chile. It provides an offline system simulation environment that is calibrated continuously with real time data allowing operators to forecast the performance of well blocks by changing injection flows, pressure and acid input to the system. The product is based on a hydrological model that simulates an In Situ Leaching operation to forecast better well outputs, improve well maintenance and yield through optimisation routines. The product design has incorporated web and mobile application development principles of simplicity and ease of use for both technical and non technical users.

IntelliSense.io are able to deliver a parallel data acquisition environment through their product Brains WSN: a retrofit wireless sensor network infrastructure that is easy to deploy and causes no interference to existing control systems. This is complemented by Brains.app, a web and mobile accessible analytics application that delivers real time well performance, predicts maintenance schedules and delivers recommendations to optimise well block production. These products plus the new Brains VOS will be showcased at the UKTI Pavilion at Exponor with live demonstrations showing how Intelligent Mining achieved increases in energy efficiency of 15%, acid recovery of 5.6% and yield improvement of 7.5% at KazAtomProm.

Sam G. Bose, Founder & CEO of IntelliSense.io highlighted “by combing advanced mathematical modelling with real time system performance data, we enable mine operators to improve their understanding of the performance of the resources extraction process and find areas for optimisation that dramatically improve yield, reduce energy waste and help make better economic decisions. This level of efficiency improvement is made possible by combining Internet of Things technologies with big data analytics delivering efficiency improvement at scale.”

About IntelliSense.io

IntelliSense.io is the market leader in providing innovative real time data analytics over resilient wireless sensor networks for industrial applications. IntelliSense.io is a privately held company and is based in Cambridge, England.

Mine to Market: Value Chain Optimization

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Our process optimization apps can be deployed on a specific process bottleneck or expanded across the entire value chain. They are powered by our Industrial AI Decision Intelligence Platform, brains.app.

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