Maximize Net Metal Production uses Scientific AI to always run your mine & plant at its optimum state. Increasing your net metal production in the most sustainable, efficient and safe way.

Thickener Performance - Predict, Optimize, Simulate

Designed by Miners, for Miners combines expertise in Mining disciplines, Data Science and Software Engineering with Industrial AI Technology to deliver process-specific optimization applications for the Mining Industry.

Delivering Real-Time Decision Intelligence Across the Mining Value Chain

Process Optimization Apps


Our process optimization apps can be deployed on a specific process bottleneck or expanded across the entire value chain.

Our apps are powered by our Industrial AI Decision Intelligence Platform, Click on the process you want to optimize to learn more.

Companies We Work With

Our customers set the KPIs they want to improve for their operation. This allows us to target optimization where it matters, yielding accelerated value to our clients through operational and financial variables.

“We believe that the future of mining involves deploying technologies, such as the products.”

Innovation Manager
Antofagasta Minerals

“By increasing productivity and reducing shutdowns we achieved a 1% throughput improvement and a $1.3M gain”

Zhanar Amanzholova
VP, IT & Corporate Development

“Our partnership with combines state of the art artificial intelligence and decades of ore beneficiation experience into a powerful, fast and easy to deploy optimization platform.”

Damien Caby
SVP, Oilfield & Mining Solutions

Process Optimization Apps Designed by Miners for Miners

Delivering decision intelligence, our AI-powered apps can increase your throughput, and recovery at the same time reducing your energy, water and waste footprint.

Deployments of are actively driving efficiency gains in mining operations across Chile, Australia, Kazakhstan, Brazil and South Africa. Decision Intelligence Platform

By collecting, cleaning, interpolating and assimilating a federated data lake ready for AI, the platform powers a portfolio of process optimization apps targeting the mining value chain.

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